Actually, it was my British friend that told me about the news. I was surprised that Prince William and his fiancee Kate wanted to visit Blackburn and Darwen! Somehow I feel that I'm "lucky" to have lived in Blackburn for one year. This cute couple also visited Witton County Park, where I'd visited, too! Read the news if you're interested.

其實這新聞是我英國朋友告訴我的。我還真不敢相信威廉王子跟他的未婚妻居然選擇在他們婚禮前造訪布萊克本這座小鎮耶! 瞬間我覺得我很幸運 - 當年很有幸地被派到布萊克本服務!

Memorial in Darwen (2)     

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16. A Pond (2)

More Photos from Witton Park 我在Witton Park拍的照片

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